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 Amolarian - FFXIV

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Location : Sacramento, CA
IGN[Game NickName] : Amolarian
Registration date : 2016-04-13

PostSubject: Amolarian - FFXIV   Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:52 am

Personal Information

Real Name:
Keegan Sims
Sacramento, CA. US

Game Information

What Game Are you Joining our guild from? 
Final Fantasy XIV
In-Game Name:
Amo Larian
Class & Level:
Dragoon 60
Official Game Forums Name:
Gaming Experience in which mmorpg:
12 years of WoW, raiding casual to hardcore to pvp.
Have you been in any other guilds previously? (If yes, which ones?):
A group of friends from a WoW raiding guild wanted to try new mmo's out, so we started our own FC in FF.
Reason for interest in our Guild and, what do you expect from joining Aetherius:
Started our own FC on the Faerie server, but after a while only a handful of us were left, and it got lonely.
How did you hear about us? (If someone referred you please name the referrer):
Was in Idyllshire asking around for FCs in /shout and someone outside of your group told me to look into Aeth. Once Zno and Steezz transferred we came to the house in Lavender Beds and asked around.
How often do you play weekly?:
at least 5-6 times. Very active.
What can you offer to the guild? (Note: it can be anything ranging from skills such as graphic design, making videos, programming, etc. to in-game pvp excellence or crafting):
Raiding, crafting, jokes, and can recommend EDM music of many types.
Are you willing to contribute to the guild?:
Whenever and what ever.
Technical Information

Do you have and use a Microphone?
Do you know what Discord is, and if yes, will you use it?
(Note: Our guild will may require a player to use Discord in certain instances. Discord is free and doesn't require any download and it's browser based) 
Already in the discord :D
Do you prefer to lurk on forums, or actively participate?
Little column A, little column B.
Optional Information

What kind of personality are you?
College guy, Lacrosse player. But chill.
Do you read or speak any other language?:
I speak 4 years worth of High School french.
Anything else you would like us to know?:
Not truly, Arilyn and Merl explained most of everything to us!
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Number of posts : 2
Location : Sacramento, CA
IGN[Game NickName] : Amolarian
Registration date : 2016-04-13

PostSubject: Re: Amolarian - FFXIV   Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:24 pm

Hey! I wanted to Bump this up, a few friends and I are getting into BDO and need a guild! Was curious if we could join up. I Used to be in the FFXIV Free Company for a long time, but stopped play FF a while back.
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Amolarian - FFXIV
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